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My greatest joy is witnessing what LOVE creates

Hi there! My name is Pam. Welcome to Pam Johnston Photography, located on Ohio's north coast, specializing in senior, wedding, and family photography. I like to call myself a LOVE photographer; someone who adores documenting all the milestones and unique moments in my client's world, like the day you marry the love of your life or those first few days with your newborn, to the small, intimate gestures, like a little child grasping for Grandpa's hand or generations of families laughing together; these moments create the intricately beautiful tapestry we call life and though we hold them close in our hearts, we must preserve them in a way that will transcend generations; I can help you by creating beautiful, heirloom photographs to be cherished forever.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to combine my passion for people with photography. Together we will create images that will exceed your expectations during a session perfectly tailored for you (and we will have some fun while doing it!). I promise if you are not a huge fan of being photographed, you will leave your session with a smile!

Give me a call; we can have some coffee and chat about capturing the LOVE in your life.

"I cannot give this artist a high enough recommendation. She's edgy, creative, and she listens to her clients. She captures their inner beauty."   ~ Kitty B




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Let's meet for coffee and chat about capturing the LOVE in your life!
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